Vinyl Graphics for a Branding a Lively Co-working Space

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Being recognised as the odd one out is one of the much-required attributes in the field of business, even more, important when using a co-working space. Marking your territory with branding a personalising to grab the required eye-balls is essential in a co-working environment, and this is where vinyl comes to rescue.

Bolder and stronger in its own manner, Vinyl graphics are the hands behind a versatile, attractive and alluring setup of brands in a co-working environment. The blog specifically focuses on outlining how one can brand a co-working space using vinyl & reap maximum results. Read on to know more about the artistic aspects associated with the usage of Vinyl Graphics rather than just considering them as a non-permanent alternative to paint.


Easier to identify easier to capture attention. Wayfinding is described as the placement of various signages and posters to help people locate and navigate to different directions, places and cabins. With Vinyl graphics, you can achieve easier and effective signages that will not only be instantly visible to people visiting your brand but will take your design game up by a notch.

Frosted Vinyl

With 85% light transmission properties, frosted vinyl gives an etched look that is just the right solution for instigating privacy. While co-working spaces are quite known for interferences and lesser privacy, vinyl is the perfect rescue solution. Frosted vinyl can be put up to prevent people walking into glasses and maintaining privacy levels for your brand.

Stripes and Borders

Stripes and borders work to provide a sophisticated, elegant as well as designer look to your workplaces. These can specifically be used for windows, doors & blank spaces as it works to convert them into cosy corners helping your visitors enjoy a familiar feeling.


Masterpieces are often created with just random patterns and scribbles. Bringing in those to quality quotients to your workplace can rank up your design & décor game. Patterns can be effortlessly combined with frosted vinyl to give it a more personalised feel.


Prints in themselves are speaking. They tell a story that does need words or voice. Scribbling different prints with various colour combinations, intricate details, and alluring texture can just hit the right chord for your brand segregation in a co-working space.

DX Signs works to give your surroundings the ability to speak. We are focused at creating mesmerizing effects and design that will not only enhance the decor of your co-working space but will also help you set your brand apart. For more details, visit us at

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