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Flatbed printing is quite an in trend these days. You may have heard about it or even used the technique for your signage company. But there are still quite many mysteries surrounding this and, in this blog, we aim to unveil them.

What is flatbed printing?

In layman’s terms, flatbed printing is the procedure of printing directly on a sheet laid on the printer’s bed. Large format digital printing uses an inkjet printer for printing graphics on numerous materials of different sizes. These materials and dimensions are not standard for the printing industry.

Flatbed printing is not a new technique, but UV flatbed printing is quite a recent innovation. The large-format UV digital flatbed is robust and can print on large sheets size up to 1220mm x 2440mm. The UV part implies dried ink, which is cured with UV lights, ensuring better print quality.

Things to print using large format digital UV printer

The flatbed printer is useful because

It works best for signage, which is an imperative advertising tool for a business. The fuji acuity advanced printer can work on paper, wood, acrylics, and even aluminum. Since it works on aluminum, it works best for signage for real-estate agents’ boards and signs.

Use this printing technique for:

  • Retail signage
  • Event signage like banners or flags
  • On ceramic tiles for decorative purposes.
  • With flatbed printing, you can create many graphics and go as far as your imagination takes you.


Why flatbed printing?

  • It is cheaper. When you opt for traditional screen printing, the price is high. But with this technology, you get quality work at a reduced price.
  • It provides the ability to print CMYK, including digital printing with white and transparent inks.
  • There is no limit to the materials that you can use with a large format digital UV printer. From paper to plastic to film to canvas to leather and more, all are a fair deal.
  • With flatbed printing, you can print in white ink! Do spot white printing or digital white printing, or flood white printing. Using white ink is not impossible anymore.
  • It lasts long, especially if you protect the signage from elements. It stays put for long, so no frequent re-printing costs.
  • The flatbed printer needs fewer cartilages. And since it can print on virtually any material, it is eco-friendly too.


Why DxSigns?

The large-format UV digital flatbed that DxSigns has is more than capable of printing on large sheet sizes up to 1220mm x 2440mm. The flatbed printer that they have is the fuji acuity advance HS printer. This large-format UV digital printer has enormous power. It provides high-quality printing at affordable prices, which is in high demand in the

Why choose DxSigns large format UV digital flatbed printer?

Go with our UV flatbed fuji acuity advanced printer because:

  1. It is affordable. Our machine is cost-effective and ensures a faster turnaround for all print needs.
  2. It has enough power to print on various substrates and material up to a 50mm depth directly. These substrates include metals and acrylics, clear vinyl, wood, and ceramics.
  3. Due to the investment in new machinery, we now offer more products to our customers. Think printed surfboards and wooden postcards, and we will make it happen.


The Fujifilm acuity advanced flatbed printer ensures:

  • Speed, optimization, and increased production
  • Versatility due to the vast array of color options
  • The print quality is ultra-high


To know more about the products and Flatbed printing process using fuji acuity advanced printers at DxSigns, visit

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