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Large Format Printers Croydon, Surrey, London

The printing for products above 18inch (45.7 cm) up to 100inch (254.0 cm) in size is called large format printing. While this process can be utilized for anything with a solitary dimension of up-to 100 inches the similar procedure can be utilized for products that are a lot smaller.

The best part about this print process is it’s cost-savvy for small items but for bigger runs like vinyl stickers it turns out to be even more cost-effective primarily as a result of progressively modern hardware.

The print processes and resources required can differ depending on the application, large format printing however is commonly utilized for PVC Banners, display printing, banners, vehicle illustrations, billboards, and signage. The print can be created on different materials that can be folded and placed into the machines and are sliced to the exact size thereafter. Stiff materials, for example, Foam Board (Foamex), Composite Materials (Dibond), and thick PVC can also be printed but directly through a flatbed printer.

In this blog, we shall discuss more about the technicalities of large format printing and how you can use it. So let’s begin

Large Format Digital Printers Croydon, Surrey, London

How do large printers work?

Large Format Printers can be categorized into the following

  • Dissolvent Based These are inkjet printers that use an oil or oil substitute, for example, Acetone ink framework. As of late “Eco-Solvent” inks are being synthesized that use Glycol or Glycol Ether based framework. Glycol ink carriers require extra restoring time. EcoSolvent based printers can be utilized in an office setup with oil-based inks frequently requiring extra ventilation. Once completely dry, the prints are waterproof and can be displayed on uncoated vinyl and rigid materials, for example, PVC and Foam board. This technique is regularly utilized on vehicle wrapping as the designs can be stretched as the ink will stay intact with the material wherever required.
  • UV Process This print procedure utilizes UV (UltraViolet) curable ink frameworks. The inks in this procedure are cured with UV lights and are restored very quickly. When completely dry, the inks are totally waterproof, embossed, and dynamic. The UV-based ink prints are incredibly sturdy and don’t require any layer of lamination for safety. The UV procedure permits practically any substrate to be utilized, for example, earthenware, ceramic, glass, polycarbonate, acrylic, foam board, aluminum, and treated steel and then some smooth white surfaces, for example, cardboard, Coated Dibond, etc.
  • Based on water Inkjet printers have a water-based ink framework. While classed as water-based a few inks can contain a substitute liquid customized for that printer. Mostly, printers with a water-based system have a warm cushion to dry the print as it leaves the machine speeding up the curing time to generate bulk printing but a few materials and applications may require extra restoring time. There are two types of water-based inks commonly used these days, UV-based and Dye-based. UV inks are relatively blunt in appearance than Dye but can withstand direct daylight without blurring. Dye-based inks have a lustrous appearance but can fade out in direct daylight.

Large Format Digital Printers Croydon, Surrey, London

What can Large Format printing be used for?

Regardless of whether you are searching for a huge product exhibit or only a banner, Large Format Printing can be used for over a multitude of situations at any place in any capacity. Plus, you get more display at affordable prices, can’t get a better deal than this. Make the most of this phenomenal advertising toll and boost your business.

We at DW Signs can bring you the best quality large format printing solutions for all your advertising needs regardless of size and location. Get in touch for more information.

Large Format Printers Croydon, Surrey, London

Supplying Croydon, Surrey and across London

DX Signs have been trading for over 10 years now and have branches in Croydon and Barnstaple. Our Croydon branch has an extensive and growing list of clients in Croydon and across Surrey, London and beyond. The Devon branch was opened in 2021 to increase our printing capacity as a whole, but specifically our large format printing capabilities with state-of-art facilities, such as flatbed printing. The Devon branch has already established a significant customer base in Barnstaple and across North Devon, but also regularly supplies clients across Devon and the whole of the South West.

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