A hotel is a temporary ‘home’ for anyone who visits a place, thus hotels should be straightforward with signages throughout the establishment otherwise it could get confusing. Tired guests or foreign visitors - most likely the first time – need to receive the most importantly information and signs that are clear and simple and understood worldwide, so guest will know where to go and what to do during their stay.

Benefits of hotel sign graphics

- Hotel signs and graphics are key way to communicate with guests.

- Emphasise awareness of services, amenities and control traffic.

- Effective signs and graphics will convey convenience, comfort and safety to guests.

- Promotional photographic high-quality images, colourful banners, artworks impress guests throughout the building.

- Wrapping hotel’s shuttle buses or other courtesy vehicles with graphics provides more hotel brand exposure.

Hotels cannot function without essential information and signages designed, crafted or inserted/printed on timetables, posters, digital displays; A-boards with promoting hotel products, services and offers; wayfinding signs at lifts and receptions; L.E.D. light boxes; health and safety signs and more.

Dx Signs team has worked with many hotel sign and promotional requirements from window frosting to plaques. Our studio is fully equipped to build new signs from scratch in need of refreshing hotel promotional or branding needs in any forms or styles required.