Commercial Branding

When we talk about a commercial brand, we talk about an entire experience that influences customers' memory about your business. A brand is not just a logo, a brand infused on websites, magazines, adverts, billboards, sales promotions and signs. Signs are a 24/7 exposure and business advertising opportunity to any business.

Fact and figures

  • 76% of consumers enter a business -never visited before - because of its sign. (FedEx)

  • 75% of consumers shared (word-of-mouth) information about a business based on their signage. (FedEx) Do you recognize yourself there?

  • 68% of consumers believe a brand signage reflects the quality of products and services the business sells. (FedEx)

  • 67% of consumers purchased a product or service purely because the appealing brand sign invited them in store. (FedEx)

  • 60% of consumers admit lack of signs turns them away without entering a store or a business. (FedEx)

  • 60% of businesses reported a positive impact of about 10% average transaction and profit increase when changed sign design to a more visible one. (UC)

  • 50% of consumers won’t enter a business if signage is in a poor condition (bad quality, misspelled words). (FedEx)

  • 38% of large companies with multiple premises declared, signages are the most important purpose of branding. Small and single establishments regard signs to be the most important, by making their business stand out and for customers to find their location. (UC)

  • The most important characteristic of signs is legibility chosen by consumers and businesses. (UC)

Sourced from a survey conducted by FedEx Office, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics & Economic Center, University of Cincinnati 

Benefits of Commercial Signs

An effective and critical component of visibility!
Develops a memory for a location and its products or services.

Reinforces a memory and recalls other advertising efforts.
Attracts new customers by prompting first-timers or impulse visits & purchases.
Modifies customary purchase decisions and habits. (Changeable and temporary window signs/graphics are especially effective.)

Dx Signs provide a full range of signage services from architectural type signages (fitted to the building structure), retail fascia signs, flex face signs (suits exposed and high-level locations), lettering (flat cut, 3D with or without illumination effects), monuments & totems (for solid street presence), projecting signs (protrude 90° angle from the building), plaques & office signs (metal, acrylic & glass) to banners (digitally printed on mesh material or vinyl films). Contact us at or or call our studio 0203 882 3400 when you need a new signage.