Corporate Brand Signage

'Signs are the most important visual interpretation of a corporate brand.'

Corporate signs purpose is to welcome, inform and direct but most of all to carry the first positive impression to corporate clients, potentials occupants and job applicants, therefore vital to any business. Signage is an indispensable part of a company’s brand identity as it conveys what the company stands for, how it should be perceived and what it represents.

Corporate Signage Provide...
…tangible effect on sales - 68% purchase products or services because of a facia
signage look
…increasing awareness - every three-fourths customer enter a store without being
…business visibility
…impact word-of-mouth - spreading the word about quality of signage and offerings
…long term effect on new relocated customers
…low costs compared to other media buys
…at least 60 views/month/local - locals are potential long-term buyers, less expensive to motivate and contribute more to revenue

A signage company’s work is to make sure all essential visual elements typeface, colour, style and size reflect the organization’s identity with integrity and professionalism in a smooth, aesthetic manner. This is successfully achieved with well-designed graphic image(s), brand standards and consistent application of brand graphics.

Acrylic directories outside and inside buildings are very important corporate signages helping visitors to find their way around, also helping businesses appear active. Totem signs will make corporate buildings, office blocks on a multiple premise visible to anyone passing by, highlighting the brands of that particular site. Another attractive and direct impact is achieved by high-quality, bright window graphics, especially if you don’t have exterior space. If you want to make the right statement to your audiences you will need an outstanding corporate signage. Our experienced team at Dx Signs is more than happy to recommend the best options for any corporate brand or premises.