Vehicle & Fleet Graphics

An average driver spends one-month driving each year, approximately 3000 people will see a vehicle daily. Average 2.5 seconds exposed to read the message on a vehicle on the move, this is how your brand will be remembered and visualized in people’s mind. 100 sights cost 4p compared to direct mail £1.94 and radio advertising £1.21/100, according to UK Government Statistics. This indicates that, vehicle advertising is the most effective way to reach your target audiences, especially in Britain. Moreover, vehicle wrapping is a 5-10 years long-term investment to any business, as opposed to short-term exposures in newspapers, radio and in other promotional advertising.

A vehicle design that stand out carries a strong brand identity (logo), tagline message, web address and phone number. An effective way to promote small businesses in their community, attract new consumers and standing out amongst bigger players who popularly use this method already.

Get Noticed!

Achieving Maximum Impact - Most Popular Brand Exposure - Cost Effectiveness & Return On Investment (ROI).

Are you looking to improve layouts on your existing design or are you a small business owner trying to gain market share? Does your vehicle and fleet wrap communicate effectively? Is the imaginary or distance legibility clear? For maximum exposure on your vehicle and fleet you will need a full colour, an outstanding design and a durable signage. Dx Signs team works with you and your expected budgetary requirements
whatever your vehicle and fleet graphics, signs, stickers or wraps may be.