Vinyl Graphics

1970s early software developed by Gerber (USA) producing and cutting garments for the fashion trade.

Soon after graphic design industry makes machinery and vinyl for the sign making industries.

3M and Avery – now both large conglomerates globally – joined in the making.

Latest machinery and developments with new colours is driving commercial interest today.

What is a vinyl?

Vinyl is a plastic film and has a self-adhesive backing. It comes rolled up like wallpaper, available in many forms added with graphic designs, words and in a range of colours and applied to any interior or exterior surfaces. Vinyl manufacturers also vinyl to produce suitable products to any type of physical
conditions like temperature, light, water, pressure etc.

Benefits of Vinyl

Vinyl graphic signages are functional, long lasting, versatile and can be applied on nearly anything and of course removed. Vinyl graphics on windows where all important business information applied with creative logos. By putting the business message across, privacy increases and spaces used in a creative and
productive way. Vinyl (graphic) lettering is also popularly used for its unique and creative looks.

Vinyl can also be applied on panels, site boards, banners or even wrapped around metal, brick, acrylic and many other materials (glass, wood, plastic etc). The strong adhesive of high-quality vinyl allows the vinyl graphics to last, sometimes longer than to whatever surfaces the stickers applied to. And of course, our installation team make sure the vinyl is free of any damaging circumstances on the surface (residue
or other intruding surface).

Dx Signs specializes in designing or work with your design, producing and installing creative vinyl graphics in any sizes. Working with a range of colour palates, finishes and effects for walls, panels, doors and windows.