Pubs are over 2000 years old historically, originating from great Italian wine bar styles at first. These bars eventually corrupted into taverns and alehouses staying loyal to serving the native British brew: ale and beer. Later these public houses extended to inns where guests could also take accommodation. Today, there are more than 60,000 pubs in the UK. Pubs are the most popularly attended places, especially in the UK for meeting friends, drinking, eating and generally the most social meeting up spot from young to elderly.

In the 12th century, pubs and inns started to be named and originally all of these sign names, like ‘White Hart’ or ‘Red Lion’ associated with a royal link (monarchs) or the nation’s history, commemorating battles, events, people or landscape. The very first pub signs were all hand painted boards that told a story of the place/area or its past or its famous visitors. Independent pubs and breweries still keeping that hand-painted tradition, which is popularly coming back again.

However, corporate takeovers going for brand new pub interiors and exteriors and signage, using state-of-the-art techniques that are unusual and eye-catching. And yes, in today’s pub image is very important to stay above competition with an outstanding sign. Most people will turn away from an out-dated, shabby looking pub. A pub facia should be warm and welcoming encouraging regulars and pass-byers to venture in. 

With adequate maintenance of promotional signage, graphics the interior and exterior pubs should present their most valuable characteristics to the outside world. Whether you want a modern, sophisticated or a traditional and timeless signage and promotional graphics, a well-designed concept with high-quality materials and installation will pay off for a long time to come. Dx Signs team is at your service to create that perfect image you want to achieve capturing the essence of your business be it hand-painted art or contemporary style.

Trendy pub style today

Pub’s story to be told using heritage, culture and values through updated-retro style accessorize (framed pictures, maps, wall graphics, memorabilia, lighting, cushions, curtains/drapes) and cosy furnishing. With special vintage pieces that connected to your pub tell a story and make it unique.

New pub scenery introducing strong, hard-edged geometric patterns, contrasting colours in digital patterns on floor, graphics and fabrics yet, using traditional hounds tooth and checked patterns, fur and hide mixing up styles.

Rich saturated colours next to vintage style grey and neutral shades such as fuchsia, purple, pink, yellow, turquoise, navy, indigo, or more vibrant peacock blue and cobalt are creating warmth, comfort and a greater impact.

Lime-washed, faded and blonde timbers, honey toned woods (cherry, oaks) and copper and brass finishes are more seen now instead of shiny stainless steel. Which consequently goes incredibly well with newish retro looks.

Mis-matched furniture, fabrics, textures and finishes are leading the trendy pub scenery today, something not to miss out on, without having to spend all your budget!     

Keep your pub style quirky, sophisticated and a fun place everyone wants to spend time in.