Construction / Safety

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Installing construction and safety signs on construction sites are legal requirement of employers to maintain health and safety of employees, sub-contractors, visitors and the general public. Displaying construction and safety signs, signages aim to reduce potential dangers on building and construction sites.
Dx Signs signage company designs (or print your branded logo/designs), produces in-house and installs a wide range of construction and safety signs for any building or construction sites, premises and offices. Our team follow strict European Legislations guidelines with regular updates on changes.

Range of recommended construction signs:
Standard signs are quicker and the least expensive option. Materials used: PVC, Self-Adhesive Vinyl and photo-luminescent PVC.
Branded signs, logos, design or artwork printed on large hoarding types of signs (and smaller coverages) are a great way to promote your company, upcoming events or information on the area.
Development boards are not only providing exposure for a company brand but information too. It also gives space for advertising other contracts and sponsors. Popular materials used: Composite (Dibond) board, excel board and foam board.
Bespoke signs, made to your requested order, we can also help you design a bespoke sign tailored to your brand or information that need to be displayed.

Construction site safety management plan include:
Traffic signs (with rail for post fixing or wall mounted): standard, bespoke, permanent and temporary, class ref 1 for private road and class ref 2 for public road signs.
Scaffold signs are also very important warning and informational signages throughout a building site. Messages and signs are conveyed through bright main primary (yellow, blue & red), secondary (green & orange), black and white colours usually on white or black background.   
Health & safety posters are designed to ensure companies fully compliant to current regulations. 
Skip signs usually have company name or logo with contact number printed on them, informing outsiders who it belongs to and signs for the type of waste it contains (especially if its hazardous).
Sign tapes and fixings most popularly designed with stripes (black & yellow/red & white) or patterns or written warning lettering, words, expressions.  
Other useful signages on building sites are daily hazard boards, safety notice boards, dry wipe boards, leaflet holders, engraved signs and acrylic mirrors.