Retail and Stores

Exterior – Shop/Store Front Signage
The first look and first impression of a retail store' signage is specifically designed for all passers-by, presenting and representing what is the function of a business. Shop front signage design doesn't change often therefore, it is better to get it right, fit in the environment and its location and keep it fresh and up-to-date at all times.

Dx Signs team will always discuss all stages beforehand, such as colours, fonts, sizes of fonts, logo and particular designs; lettering; style of letters and fonts; lighting; materials used and combined. We sketch experimental designs for your approval to make sure your store stand out with its own brand, grabbing the attention of potential customers.      

Window Display
The biggest bonus about window displays is the fact that you can change them on a regular basis (recommended) crafting it to either according to seasons, events, occasions, sales, new arrivals or trends and many other retail purposes. Creativity plays a major role when conveying messages via window display, this include:
- 3D arrangements when viewing a window from every angles
- Background with graphic options (posters, banners)
- The focal point of using products and props (display products on selves, hang them etc...)
- Lighting for display with spotlights, up-lights or coloured lights which emphasise your retail product or window 'story'
The winning window displays are always the unusual and the unusually creative, standing out from regular shop windows that really catches the people’s attention. Don't follow 'rules' try something new, mix it up with signs, signages, graphics, prints and a good imagination for your retail goods.     

One most important interior signage in retail stores for customer, visitors are directing signs (purposeful signs), the other is persuasive signs about selling or hyping up certain products or announcing sales. Of course, both methods should be implemented matched to the brand design, its fonts colour etc.

Inside a retail store point of purchase signs, A-frame signs, standing signs, display signs and wall signs are all typical interior retail signage, which are serving a guiding and decorating purpose throughout the store.

Decals inserted on the floor highlighting key sections of shops are another creative way to engage customers while shopping around. Doormats with an eye-catching message or business logo on it adds to the interior accessories.

Finding the right balance inside and outside of the store avoiding over-cluttering is extremely important for interior. Too much advertising or messages could make a place busy and confusing scaring visitors away.

Complementary Signages & Displays
When we talk about complementary signages, displays for retail stores, we mean accessories to complete the entire retail exterior experience. This include projecting signs, A-boards, lightboxes, wall signs, banners, awning signs, pole signs, portable signs or monument signs, of course depending what type of retailer store it is and what exactly a business wants to display.