Digital Printing

1980 - First black & white laser printer appears
1988 - First inkjet printer introduced by Hewlett and Packard
1990 - Digital printing revolutionized the industry by desktop colour laser printers

Digital printing is a printing process, printing a digital image directly on to the medium via RIP digital software, which stores the information of the image, analyses it and adapt the image to specific dimensions. Basically, the image or lettering gets transferred form the computer program by minute drops of ink in a very precise manner providing high definition to the original image.

Benefits of digital printing

- Speed of production is faster than ever before.
- Exact Orders + Low Costs = Save Money
- Visual Stability
- Time Effective – Quick Turnaround
- High Quality
- Environmentally Friendly – no pre-press stages, no film plates or photo chemicals
- Endless Personalized Graphic Designs

Printing Services

Dx Signs catered to fulfill any type of printing solutions and equipped with a state-of-the-art technology and an expert team. We look after our clientele by providing printing services meeting their expectation and more as we do with such Topshop, Nike, Westfield and many other great brands.